Community Service Programs Chairman/Chairmen
II . Community Service Mark Fell
A. Americanism I Legare Clement
   1. Freedom Shrine El Rauton/Donnie Pitts
   2. Celebrating the Constitution Bill Antonetti
   3. Proudly We Hail Chris Donato
   4. One Nation Under God El Rauton/Al Riley
   5. Veterans' Appreciation Legare Clement
B. Americanism II Bo Schupp
   1. Give-A-Kid-A-Flag-To-Wave Harold Dasinger
   2. Get Out the Vote Doug Harbin
   3. National Defense Buzz Buske
   4. Historic Battles Fred Whittle
   5. Healing Fields/Flags for Soldiers Ernie Patterson
C. Community Service I Tony Giuliani
   1. Community Service Day Harry Robbins/Billy Robinson
   2. Crime and Fire Prevention Dan Isgett
   3. Salvation Army Bell Ringing Richard Mock/Sam Litchfield
   4. Blue & Gold Award Ernie Sweat
   5. Book of Golden Deeds Doc Holiday
D. Community Service II Jeremy Tate
   1. Senior Citizens' Day Ernie Patterson/ Lee Stubblefield
   2. Senior Sunshine Special Chuck Christen
   3. Senior Citizen Volunteer Jeff Rosenblum
   4. Youth Mentor Herman Robinson
   5. National Day of Service Ken Battle
E. Youth Al Riley
   1. Academic Bowl Keith Stansell
   2. Scholarships Neal Tonks
   3. Youth of the Year/A.C.E. Lewis Eisele
   4. Youth Sunshine Special Al Riley
   5. Young Citizenship Award Kurt Kammeyer
F. Child Abuse Prevention Lewis Eisele
   1. Walk/Run for the Child Mike Kearney
   2. Stewards of Children Josh Wright
   3. Campaign for Kids/Berkey Fellows Mark Fell
   4. Time Out Teddy Steve Olsen
   5. Believe in the Blue Brad Wolf