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  Real Life Room Escape


TRAPPED - The biggest real life room escape game in Toronto. We bring fantasies and movie scenarios into real life. We focus on the quality of every detail in our games. In fact, all of our themes are specially crafted by our interior designer from Osaka, Japan to create an Immersive 5D room escape experience that you will not be able to forget!

Beginners guide

You are trapped. You have one hour, and one mission: Escape!

Observe your surroundings, solve clues and make the connection!

Uncover the mystery hidden within, find the final key, and escape!

Our Themes

The Ancient Pyramid

In 1996, a small team of explorers entered the Great Pyramid complex in Giza, Egypt in hopes of discovering a legendary sarcophagus. None have returned and their bodies were never found. Could the curse of the pharaoh really exist? 2 decades later, you and your team decided to enter the same complex and uncover the secrets of the king’s tomb. However, mysterious forces have led you astray and you can’t find a way out. Will you be trapped here forever? Or will you triumph over the curse and make your way to safety?

4-8 Players   60 Minutes

Contaminated Hospital

You arrived at a remote island to spend a relaxing weekend away from the city. On the island, you came across an abandoned hospital, where top-secret biological experiments seems to have taken place, and something has gone horribly wrong. Just as you are about to leave, the door mysteriously shut, and you are trapped inside. Is something lurking in the darkness? What on earth has happened here? Revealing the truth behind the buried past is the only way to freedom!

2-7 Players   60 Minutes

Medieval Prison

You are a peasant living in the 14th century wrongly convicted of treason. Your sentence is death by hanging, and you are now spending the remaining time of your life imprisoned in the castle’s dungeon. In one hour, the jail warden will come and bring you to the gallows. However, the previous prisoner in your jail cell seems to have left you a clue, which gave you a glimmer of hope to live. Will you suffer a painful, undeserving death, or will you break out of this prison?

4-10 Players   60 Minutes

Death Note

Criminals around the world are dying of inexplicable heart attacks. This cannot be a mere coincidence, and the faceless mass murderer became known as “Kira”. The world famous detective L has sent you, an accomplished FBI agent, to Japan to assist in the investigation. Your mission is to infiltrate the room of Light Yagami, a high school student and a prime suspect. However you were ambushed and locked inside. Complete your mission by discovering Kira’s secrets is the only way to defeat Kira before he can kill you!

2-6 Players   60 Minutes

A.D. 2046

Level 2 Members Only

6-12 Players   70 Minutes

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Special Promotions

Trapped Membership

Trapped Membership Card
  • Collect points to be used for special benefits. (400 points collected per visit)
  • Tiered discounts and benefits
    • Level 1 (0-1200 points)
      • 10% Discount on admission
      • 1 Free beverage at the end of the session
    • Level 2 (1200-2000 points)
      • 15% Discount on admission
      • A.D. 2046 theme unlocked!
      • 1 Free beverage at the end of the session
    • Level 3 (2000+ points)
      • 20% Discount on admission
      • Annual event unlocked!
      • 1 Free beverage at the end of the session

Corporate Events

TRAPPED is the leader of trendy entertainment and a new way to have fun. The nature of our creative game play requires tremendous amount of teamwork and communication. Which would make us an optimal choice for team building events.

We offer an extra 10% off on top of any ongoing regular promotions for a corporate event of any number of participants. Also for corporate reservations of over 15 participants, we offer accommodation times outside of our operating hours.

For inquiries and further information, please feel free to contact us

We want to thank the following companies for having their corporate events here at TRAPPED. We sincerely apologize if your company had a team building event at TRAPPED but is not on the list. Please contact us and we'll add you below in our next update.

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